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FREE Online Health Seminar
September 22, 2013  —  15:41

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Food Health Resources | Comments: Off

Green Living SummitI just found out about this seminar last night.  It’s FREE and it starts TOMORROW and will air for the next 10 days.  It was put together by fellow blogger, Nickie Knight, who overcame developmental delays, allergies and illnesses as a child.  She and her blog are dedicated to informing others about healthy surroundings (including food) and how it all impacts ones life.

I was super excited about it.  I signed up myself to listen and also to help promote it because I was really impressed by the panel of speakers.  more…

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Have You Discovered the Beauty of Essential Oils?
September 19, 2013  —  14:10

Author: Erin Hilgert | Category: Health | Comments: Off

rosemary_opt (1)What are Essential Oils?

Most of us have heard of, smelled and possibly even used essential oils, “natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They can be both beautifully and powerfully fragrant.” If you have ever enjoyed the smell of a fresh cut orange, a walk by a field of lavender, or the smell of fresh mint or basil, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. more…

Looking for Healthy Recipes, Money Saving Ideas?
September 17, 2013  —  6:00

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Food Recipes Resources | Comments: Off


When someone asks, “What’s for dinner?” do you have an answer? Is it “the same old?”

Are you new to real food and wish you had more healthy recipes…including snacks and money-saving ideas?  Speaking of ‘snacks’, whether you purchase or not, feel free to enter the drawing below for $75 value of some wonderful snacks from Healthy Surprise.

The Traditional Recipes Collection is here to help. more…

Plum Vanilla Mint Preserve/Jam
September 15, 2013  —  20:31

Author: Kelle | Category: Recipes | Comments: Off


I love to preserve the fruits and vegetables when they are at their most delicious!! I really do experiment and I can honestly say that most times it always works out, so do not be afraid of preserving…. more…

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Quote by Mahatma Gandhi
September 15, 2013  —  18:14

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: Off
Healthy, Real Food Recipe Sharing Site!
September 10, 2013  —  22:24

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Recipes This Blog | Comments: Off

fill this spot1_opt

I write to you today about a resource we hope will help to enhance your real food experience. It’s a creation from my heart.  It’s also “Announcement #2” for those who read my What’s Happening to the Blog? And Where Have I Been Post.

Through my frustration of continually looking around for recipes that I felt confident using to somehow broaden my menu plans, I found that it was taking a lot of my time.  I didn’t want recipes that more…

Israeli Couscous
September 6, 2013  —  12:15

Author: Kelle | Category: Recipes | Comments: 2

israeli couscous_optPrep Time:  20 minutes

Cook Time:  12 minutes

This  is a lovely fresh lite dish and can also be a great side as it goes with many things. Fish Chicken or Salad. It is perfect on its own or with your own taste sensations. I have given you the recipe my children have come to love, but I also make it with nuts and goats cheese or with lots of cut up herbs, lemon and dried cranberries. Do a little experimenting and see a delicious dish appear before your eyes. more…

How Clutter Affects Your Lifestyle
September 5, 2013  —  10:00

Author: Erica Duran | Category: For the Mind For the Soul | Comments: 2

 puuikibeach_optClutter is stuck energy.

“The word “clutter” derives from the Middle English word “clotter” which means to coagulate – and that’s about as stuck as you can get.”
~Karen Kingston, 
Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

There are four categories of clutter:

  • Things you do not use or love
  • Things that are untidy or disorganized
  • Too many things in too small a space
  • Anything unfinished

Clutter can affect your life in many ways. more…

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Contributing Writers – Announcement #1
September 3, 2013  —  10:00

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: This Blog | Comments: Off

I mentioned that I would be making 3 announcements in my Where Have I Been?
announcement board

This is Announcement #1, which I’m super excited about!  We have ‘Contributing Writers’ joining Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy! Somehow, in our busy lives, we’ve connected and these women have touched my heart.  I’m so grateful that they have joined us and will be sharing their interests as they write about the many things that affect us everyday – organization, bringing balance, methods of healing and growth, natural care, delicious & nutritious recipes and more.  They’ve all more…

What’s Happening With the Blog? And, Where Have I Been?
August 27, 2013  —  9:00

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: This Blog | Comments: 2

GermanyWhere have I been?

You may have wondered what happened to the posts here at Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy.  Basically I took an unplanned hiatus from posting for the last 3 months.  Why?  Where do I start? First, as I left off with one of my last posts, I was dealing with my more…

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