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Welcome to Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy’s Recipe Site

Real Food Recipes – Pick some and Share some

  • You can browse and select real food recipes from all categories
  • You can use a strong filter to choose specific dietary protocols (GAPS, Vegetarian, etc.) food allergen restrictions (nut-free, dairy-free, etc.) and food preparation methods (slow cooker,
  • Do you have a great recipe to share? Simply REGISTER– it’s FREE and you can submit Your recipes to come back to and to share with others.
  • Share Recipes using any of the Social Media icons located on the right side of the page.
  • We focus on recipes that are nutrient dense, real foods recipes – no processed foods, white sugar, etc.
  • Recipes are diverse and favorites from everywhere and anyone – other bloggers and other readers, and hopefully yourself – that are interested in tasty, nutrient dense, healthy food.
  • Your Biography and Avatar will be displayed, linked from your recipes – so show off your creativity!
  • You’ll always have access to update your profile on your account


And, other exciting features are on the way to make your food experience simpler and easier!

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What’s Coming Next to Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy’s Recipe Site?
What is a Real Food Recipe?
How Do I Submit a Recipe?
My Recipe “Name” is Already Taken, What Should I Do?
Modifying or Adapting A Recipe
What If I Do Not Have A Photograph for My Recipe?
What happens to my recipe once I’ve submitted it?
May I Post it, Share it or Send the Recipe Elsewhere, like on Social Media?
Can I Share Someone Else’s Recipe, like Aunt Mary’s?
I’m a Blogger, Chef or Author – can I submit a recipe I’ve already Published Somewhere Else?
How Can I become a Featured Contributor on the Contributor Spotlight?
How Can a Recipe I Submit become a Featured Recipe?


What’s Coming Next to Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy’s Recipe Site?

Glad you asked!

As more recipes are submitted and you and others come to use them, we’ll be working on all sorts of wonderful features:

  • You’ll be able to Save the Recipes you would like to keep in your personal Recipe Box
  • You’ll be able to Create & Save your grocery Shopping List from one or multiple recipes that you choose
  • It will be easily read on your Mobile device
  • Meal Planning with different dietary options: for you to create on your own – or – Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy will design them for you.
  • An Affiliate Program will become available when the Meal Planning service is introduced
  • GAPS recipes will be further sorted – to be able to sort out Stage 1 – 6 recipes

Thank you for helping to create a Healthy, Real Food Recipe Site for all to use – please share it.

What is a Real Food Recipe?

A real food Recipe is one that uses nutrient dense foods.  Please refrain from posting recipes that use items such as boxed mac and cheese or highly refined white sugar and flour.  This is a site that where we won’t be adding a can of “something” with preservatives and food coloring…. even better would be not to use a can at all.

In general, Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy follows the Weston A. Price Foundation recommendations as well as GAPS, though other dietary protocols will be listed on the Recipe section (Paleo, Vegetarian, Raw, etc.).  It also highlights categories such as ‘gluten-free’, ‘nut-free’, ‘dairy-free’ for those who have food restrictions or allergies.   For example, you will be able to get most Vegan recipes by selecting ‘Vegetarian’ + ‘Dairy-Free’.

More details about the WAPF can be found at though in general, Real Food is nutrient-dense, whole, unrefined foods.

-no GMO

-pasture raised, grass fed, no hormones or antibiotics

-no pesticides and preservatives

-minimally processed (no white sugar and white flour, mac & cheese packages, etc.)

-traditional methods of preparation (fermenting, soaking, etc.)

How Do I Submit a Recipe?

First, you need to be Registered and whenever you come back to Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy to share a Recipe (“Add A Recipe”) you would need to Login.

Once Logged In, click on the “Add A Recipe” button in the top left of any Recipe page – it will provide a simple fill-in-the-blank format for you to enter all the important information, as well as up to 3 pictures.  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words when others are looking for tasty recipes, so we hope that you will at least provide 1 pic to show-it-off.

My Recipe “Name” is Already Taken, What Should I Do?

Not a problem.  Two or more recipes can have the same name and on a search, all will show up.  You can add an additional word that may better describe your recipe if you’d like.  For example, if you had a recipe for “Baked Ziti”, you can name it “Pesto Baked Ziti”.

Modifying or Adapting A Recipe

There are rules of etiquette and copyright protection to follow if you would like to modify or change someone else’s recipe.  If you have a recipe that was from another site or book, that you have modified, be sure to provide the proper link or title to credit to the originator of the recipe.  This link and/or book title will be shown in the recipes at Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy.  Keep in mind that simple substitutions do not constitute an adapted or original recipe. Here is a brief overview of the rules from the Food Blog Alliance website that most cookbook authors and food writers follow:

“1. If you’re modifying someone else’s recipe, it should be called “adapted from“.

2. If you change a recipe substantially, you may be able to call it your own.  But if it’s somewhat similar to a publisher recipe, you should say it’s “inspired by“, which means that you used else’s recipe for inspiration, but changed it substantially.

3. If you change three ingredients, you can in most instances call the recipe yours.  Number 3 is a tricky area, but if the recipe is so unique, you may want to give credit for the inspiration. “

For details regarding recipe copyright law and attribution, please visit Food Blog Alliance.

What If I Do Not Have A Photograph for My Recipe?

We would love your recipe to have a photo so that it can be featured and others can see what it should look like.  But, if you do not have one, it is okay.  You can leave it blank or obtain one that fits appropriately.  Copying a photo or illustration is not permissible unless prior authorization has been given.  If you would like to immediately have a photograph displayed, please provide your own photograph(s) or get a photo from a site that allows it to be copied under a Creative Commons License.  If it is copied from those that offer it out under a Creative Commons License, credit is usually requested by the provider, and if so, it should be provided in the recipe submission “Additional Notes” box near the bottom of the entries.  It is okay to submit a recipe without a photo and add it at a later date by sending an email, or Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy will populate it at a later date.

What happens to my recipe once I’ve submitted it?

Your recipe will be reviewed and possibly slightly modified (such as Tablespoon to be abbreviated with tbsp. or T, formatting, spelling, etc.) so that it complies with standards amongst other recipes as we gear up for ‘shopping list’ creations.  Ingredients, and amounts, instructions, etc. will not be changed.

Once released, it will be put into up to 3 different categories in the Recipe Site.  If you registered your website/company URL or the Recipe is submitted with a link to a its original post URL, those links and your display name will always be shown in the Recipe on this site.  By submitting your recipe and photos, you are stating that you own the copyright to the image used and are giving permission to others to share/pin it to their social media with a link back to the Recipe on this site.

The recipe may also be used on a Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy post or displayed additionally on the Recipe pages if your Recipe is chosen to be a featured recipe.   Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy may also share particular recipes on social media (Facebook & others.) with a link back to the Recipe within the Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy Recipe Site.  The Recipe will always display a link back to your URL that you provided to give credit to you as the Creator/Author.

Now, you can also share the link to your recipe with friends, family, your moms group, cooking club or whomever it may be, via social media or simply send them an email with a link.

May I Post it, Share it or Send the Recipe Elsewhere, like on Social Media?

All content (recipes, photos, text, etc.) on this site is the creative property of those who submitted their recipes (the creator, author, photographer, publisher, etc.).  You are welcome to share a photo via social media, as long as it contains a link back to the corresponding recipe at this site – this is easily done by using the SHARE widgets at the top or bottom or right side of the page.  Re-publishing the complete recipe in any form is strictly prohibited.

I submitted some recipes – Can I share them with social media networks?

Please do.   we encourage you to share your list with your networks. Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy has a share tab for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Email and other media that you can share your recipes as well as any others that you like.


Can I Share Someone Else’s Recipe, like Aunt Mary’s?

If Aunt Mary has given you permission to share the recipe, please do.  You can attribute Aunt Mary in the Introduction of the Recipe as you write it up.  If it is you do not have permission, please follow the guidelines of the Food Blog Alliance.


I’m a Blogger, Chef or Author – can I submit a recipe I’ve already Published Somewhere Else?

Yes, please do!  Be sure to provide the entire link to your recipe or the name of your Cookbook in the appropriate field on the ‘Add A Recipe’ submission form.  This will allow for a link back to your original post, or display of your Cookbook title in the Recipe you submit here. Providing your link helps you to continue to get SEO credit to your site. In addition, posting some of your recipes on Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy is also a wonderful opportunity for viewers to find and link to your site.  You will retain all copyrights of your work.  Submitting your recipe gives Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy permission to use your recipe & photo with a link back to your recipe on this site using social media or featuring it as a recipe post or otherwise.   Living Healthy  ‘n’ Happy means only to be respectful of your efforts and creations, and is appreciative of any submissions by bloggers, chefs and authors such as yourself to share with a community of healthy eaters.

How Can I become a featured contributor on the Contributor Spotlight?

Featured Contributors will periodically be displayed on the Recipe side bar. Becoming a Featured Contributor and having a link to your bio on the side of the Recipe pages is rather simple.  We’d love for everyone to share their recipes and also let others know that Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy is here for all to use.  So, the points are based on 4 factors, though not all required, they help.

  1. Submit some healthy, tasty recipes.  The more you submit and that are approved, count the most.
  2. The number of page views to all the recipes you have submitted counts (it helps to have a photo)…. It helps if it becomes a featured Recipe (see below)
  3. Use your personal badge on your site or social media – to let others know you are a Recipe Contributor and show them the way. The more links that come across – the more points accrued. A badge will be available soon on recipe submission page and also on your profile page.
  4. Original Recipes that have not posted elsewhere are optimal (vs. original but posted on ones site or “adapted” from a link/book)

How Can a Recipe I Submit become a Featured Recipe?

I will be choosing recipes periodically to become Featured Recipes either in a post or on the Recipe Pages when I have submissions that have:

  1. a picture that really shows it off… and it- just- looks- yummy!
  2. the recipe is well written (easy to understand instructions, maybe a catchy or personal experience type of introduction) and
  3. followed the real food, healthy ingredients guidelines that viewers would appreciate.

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