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Contributing Writers – Announcement #1
September 3, 2013  —  10:00

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I mentioned that I would be making 3 announcements in my Where Have I Been?
announcement board

This is Announcement #1, which I’m super excited about!  We have ‘Contributing Writers’ joining Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy! Somehow, in our busy lives, we’ve connected and these women have touched my heart.  I’m so grateful that they have joined us and will be sharing their interests as they write about the many things that affect us everyday – organization, bringing balance, methods of healing and growth, natural care, delicious & nutritious recipes and more.  They’ve all inspired me, challenged me and helped me in one way or another.  And now, they are here to share their unique experiences, their humor, curiosity and knowledge with you!    Here’s a little tidbit about each of them, but you can read their full bio on the Meet the Contributors page.  And… there will be more to come!

Let’s meet Cyndi, Erica, Erin, Joan and Kelle and what they will be writing about.

Cyndi soloCyndi – loves green living, is very interested in raw food and enjoys investigating health and environmental issues and concerns.  I’ve known Cyndi for several years, and I just found out she used to be a freelance writer!  Yah!  She will be sharing her thoughts on how to create better health and help our environment with regard to food, products as well as life adventures – as she’s courageously embarked on a new journey with her recent move. Read more about Cyndi here.

Erica Duran CPOErica – the ultimate in productivity, yet with life’s balance.  When I met her I was energized!  Just from my short conversations with her I didn’t feel so overwhelmed with “everything” that needed to be tracked or accomplished and had more focus and drive.  She knows how to get things done, be organized and yet, feel at ease – she’ll share her tips on organizing our busy lives for home or business and feeling like a weight has been lifted off our shoulders. Read more about Erica here.

bio pic_squareErin – kind, and thoughtful are the first words that come to mind.  I’ve known Erin for several years starting when our daughters met in preschool.  A very special lady who has moved on from a career that she offered so much to to a world of new opportunities.  Amongst other things, she stirred up an old passion and dove into learning more and more about essential oils and their healing properties.  She’s going to share with us, some of what she’s implemented for natural healing. Read more about Erin here.

Joan bio pic2_optJoan – I had the pleasure of meeting Joan at a monthly event I go to, and by the end of the first meeting (at which I didn’t talk with her personally) I knew that we would connect somehow.  I was so impressed with the fortitude, confidence and tranquility that she exuded. When I had the opportunity to talk with her personally, I learned more about why and I’m very excited that she will be sharing her thoughts on challenges and growth as they relate to ones mental-emotional state.  Read more about Joan here.

kelle bio zoomKelle – everytime I think of Kelle, I just smile.  She’s energetic, cheerful, has a wonderful sense of humor, and I love her Kiwi accent!  Along with her other endeavors and being a mom, she’s also a Chef…. she loves to put things together in the kitchen and viola… a new tasty creation.  I think she should have her own cooking show, she’s fun to watch, and now you’ll get to read about her them as she’s going to share some of her ‘whip it up’ in the kitchen recipes with us. Read more about Kelle here.

Please welcome Cyndi, Erica, Erin, Joan and Kelle.  You’ll be seeing their posts starting this week!

COMMENTS Any particular topics you’d like to read about? Any other comments? COMMENT below.

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photo credits: announcement sign (modified) from R/DV/RS on flickr, Cyndi, Erica, Erin, Joan and Kelle


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