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Healthy, Real Food Recipe Sharing Site!
September 10, 2013  —  22:24

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Recipes This Blog | Comments: Off

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I write to you today about a resource we hope will help to enhance your real food experience. It’s a creation from my heart.  It’s also “Announcement #2” for those who read my What’s Happening to the Blog? And Where Have I Been Post.

Through my frustration of continually looking around for recipes that I felt confident using to somehow broaden my menu plans, I found that it was taking a lot of my time.  I didn’t want recipes that used bleached flour and other highly processed foods in packages, or that called out for cooking in a microwave.

I found that I started to dread planning out the meals and healthy snacks, which sometimes led to a last minute same old thing rush job.  I was looking for recipes that used quality ingredients and traditional methods of preparation.  I wanted to create meals that were nutritious, made with real food and were easy to make, while staying within our family’s food restrictions.

Because I couldn’t find what I was looking for I was also spending more time in the kitchen creating my own.  After many trial and error scenarios, which means a lot of time and money spent on the ‘error’ versions, I would finally come up with something that was appetizing and visually appealing, which I eventually enjoyed sharing.

But, all combined, searching and creating was taking far too much time – time that did not come easily.  I wanted a site that I could go to, not have to do endless searching, find a recipe quickly, and feel confident that it was likely to come out really good!

menu page_optThe reason I started my blog was to share information on my daughters healing journey with a wider community, hoping that it would benefit others. Then, as I was getting ready to post some of my recipes, I thought ‘how wonderful it would be if the community could share recipes, that have already been ‘home approved’, that would benefit others as well.  I can’t put nearly enough recipes up there, so why not start a Recipe Submission and Sharing site that focused on healthy, nutritious recipes!  And, hence Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy’s – Recipe Sharing Section was born!

So, here we are.  It took a bit to create, but it’s ready for you to use and also I’m here to ask for your help to share your creations with others.

What Does this Recipe Site Offer You?

Browse the site for a Real Food Recipes that don’t contain highly processed foods, but use nutrient dense ingredients.

You can submit your favorite recipes to share – as other bloggers and home chefs, such as yourself, add more, there will be more to choose from.

The site is set in menu entrées/categories and you’ll easily be able to find the particular ‘type’ of meal that you are looking for – which also include broth, ferments, and beverages which are not typical on other recipe sites.

Use the Sub-Categories to easily search for what you’d like.  For example, if you want a Poultry Entrée, you won’t have to sort through all the beef, pork and otherwise to find just chicken entrees!

recipe filter1Dietary Protocols and Restrictions can be filtered. Protocols such as GAPS, Paleo, WAPF, Vegetarian and Raw can be filtered. Restrictions such as Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Nut Free can be used.  Between these filters you can therefore filter for Vegan and Primal or otherwise.

Special Categories can also be filtered – such as Slow Cooker, Holiday, Kid Friend, Quick & Easy and Budget Friendly can all be selected.

For home cooks that don’t have a blog – we’d love to know more about you, hence you can optionally create a biography and let us know a little about you or what you love in the kitchen!

For those that have a company or blog – you can submit your biography and link back to your website with your company name and also a link to your original posted recipe if you already have it posted.

All recipes, past of present, that you submit will show up on your biography page so others can see and use all your other fabulous creations.

Contributor Spotlight and Featured Recipes will be chosen and high-lighted from all (home chefs’ or “bloggers’) submissions – see your name or recipe highlighted!

And, I’m sure you were waiting for this, YES, it’s absolutely FREE to browse, pick from and share your fabulous recipes!

More features are on the way, and though I’m anxious and excited about them, my wonderful, generous, very technically capable partner said that additional features will be added when he can see that the site is being populated and used…. so, please share your fabulous recipes with the real food community and we’ll design more to help you with your menu planning!  (hint, hint… a recipe box, shopping cart, GAPS Sorting (Intro – Stage 6), and menu planning – how great would that be!)

How Do You Use the Recipe Site?

It’s super easy!

To browse the Recipes, simply go to (if on the blog, just click on the ‘Recipe’ tab).

Pick which type of Entrée you are interested in and you can go into a subcategory for hone in further.

You can navigate in and out of the recipe pages as you wish by using the top bar with arrows or going back to the main page.

If you’d like to filter the recipes based on dietary protocols, restrictions or special categories, use the Recipe Filter (click on the gray button at the top left).

To submit your recipes:

recipe buttons2Register if it’s your first time to submit

Once Registered, you’ll be taken to a Profile page, which is optional for you to fill out – this is where you would provide your bio and/or links.  If you don’t have time to finish this, it can always be added, or updated whenever you’d like.

If you’ve already Registered, the next time you would like to submit a recipe, you will simply Login.

Then, click on the ‘Add A Recipe’ yellow button at the top left of the page.  It will walk you through your recipe submission.  It would be best to have a square picture that shows off your recipe.  You can submit up to three pictures to really show it off! Once entered, REVIEW it and when all looks good, click SUBMIT.

It’s that simple!  How great is it going to be when there will be lots of recipes to choose from… all from others like you who care about healthy eating?!!

We look forward to your recipes on LivingHealthynHappy!

Feel free to contact me at judy @ livinghealthynhappy dot com or more details can be found at

Wishing you Health and Happiness,




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photo credits: Judy@LHNH

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