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Israeli Couscous
September 6, 2013  —  12:15

Author: Kelle | Category: Recipes | Comments: 2

israeli couscous_optPrep Time:  20 minutes

Cook Time:  12 minutes

This  is a lovely fresh lite dish and can also be a great side as it goes with many things. Fish Chicken or Salad. It is perfect on its own or with your own taste sensations. I have given you the recipe my children have come to love, but I also make it with nuts and goats cheese or with lots of cut up herbs, lemon and dried cranberries. Do a little experimenting and see a delicious dish appear before your eyes.

8 oz. package of Israeli Couscous
1 whole Mango (diced) 2 whole tomatoes (diced)
1/2 cup of either spinach or arugula (chopped)
1 cup Spinach or Arugula (whole leaves) to serve with dish
1/2 cup Chopped Herbs (cilantro, parsley, mint) your choice


1/2 Orange
1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/8 cup Balsamic
1/4 tsp Salt (to your taste)
1/4 tsp Pepper
Cook the Couscous as the package instructions, put in the diced onion when you saute the couscous before you add the liquid. While the Couscous is cooking chop and dice the other ingredients.
Once the cooking is done transfer the Couscous to a glass bowl, I like to serve the finished product warm so I add all the chopped and diced (spinach/arugula and herbs) ingredients now. If you want to serve the Couscous cold you can wait to add everything until the couscous has cooled.

ingredients_optOnce you have tossed all the ingredients together, you can squeeze the juice of the orange put a few good slugs of Olive Oil and balsamic over the Couscous, stir again and then taste!! Add your seasoning (salt/pepper) as you wish. Remember it is always better to add to little and add more, than to much in the beginning.
Put the leaves of Spinach or Arugula on a curved plate or shallow bowl and then pour the couscous mix over it.  Ready to Serve!

Don’t forget you can add all sorts of things to this recipe, dried fruits also go well with this Mango version, change the orange to lemon or the balsamic to rice wine vinegar.



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photo credits: Kelle
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  • Yum! This looks fantastic. Thanks so much for sharing it on Wellness Wednesdays!

    September 16, 2013 — 8:15
    • Absolutely. Thank you for hosting.

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