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Looking for Healthy Recipes, Money Saving Ideas?
September 17, 2013  —  6:00

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Food Recipes Resources | Comments: Off


When someone asks, “What’s for dinner?” do you have an answer? Is it “the same old?”

Are you new to real food and wish you had more healthy recipes…including snacks and money-saving ideas?  Speaking of ‘snacks’, whether you purchase or not, feel free to enter the drawing below for $75 value of some wonderful snacks from Healthy Surprise.

The Traditional Recipes Collection is here to help.

With 17 books, over 800 recipes and ideas, worth over $150 for just $14.97, this collection is an amazing deal. It’s available for 5 days only, from Tuesday, Sept. 17 through 11:59 PM EST on Saturday, Sept. 21. There will be no late sales. Please see the fine print at the bottom for all sale details.

With one simple purchase, you can get access to 17 different books from prominent and up-and-coming real food bloggers. There are book to teach you include more healthy ingredients, to save time, to save money, to create food that goes with you, to make desserts and holiday dishes, and so much more.

Take a look at all the books listed below! This is a great way to try some new Real Food, Traditional Recipes…. and not have to search around.

View the FAQ.  Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, and when you click them you allow me to cover a small portion of the cost of this blog.  Thank you for supporting Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy with any purchases.



Kitchen Help

Main Dishes

Snacks and Sides

Desserts, Baking and Special Occasions

Bonus Offers

IsYourSaltRealBooklet-100x10015% off Real Salt orders. Get healthy, unrefined sea salt delivered to your kitchen.

Wise choice logo 5% off Wise Choice Market orders over $50. Pick up mineral-rich stock, soaked nut butters and cereals, or even potato chips made with coconut oil.
Simple natural healthSimple Natural Health by Nina Nelson of Shalom Mama. Keep your family healthy this winter not only with food, but with homemade remedies.
tradishen-on-greenOne month FREE premium membership to Tradishen. Your premier 100% real food recipe and meal planning site.
dietician cassie$25 off Dietician Cassie one year package — Get some help with personal nutrition and health coaching!



In addition to the already awesome package we have here, one lucky reader is going to get the chance to win a Healthy Surprise box! If your family struggles with snacks, this company offers packages of healthy snacks that are delivered to your door once a month. There are three box sizes with different amounts of snacks in them. These snacks are all allergy-free (top 8), grain-free, vegan, and mostly organic. They’re appropriate for almost any family!


No purchase necessary to enter.

$75 value “Healthy” Healthy Surprise snack box

Enter below:


Offer Details

  • View the FAQ.
  • Sale runs 9 AM EST Sept. 17 through 11:59 PM EST Sept. 21
  • No late sales
  • Buyers may be from anywhere in the world; but books are only in English
  • There are no physical/shipped products; the bundle offer is digital only.
  • Download links are good for 5 attempts or through 10/31/13, whichever comes first.
  • Bundle may not be downloaded and links cannot be re-activated after 10/31/13
  • Bundle files may not be shared. Each book may be on only one computer/one residence at once
  • Buyers are permitted to share books if they send files they do not want to one other person and delete the files themselves, so only copy of each is in use
  • If buyers split the bundle, they only get one set of bonus offers and must share
  • Bonus offers must be claimed by 9/30/13
  • Bonus offers may not be available in non-U.S. areas
  • Bonus offers are made through a third party and we do not have any control over them. Items may be unavailable or sales may end without warning
  • By purchasing, you are certifying that you have read and agree to these terms and conditions



FAQ From Modern Alternative Mama 

Is this digital or paper? Are there print copies of the books available?

This bundle is digital. We couldn’t offer such a great deal on print books because there’s the actual printing, shipping, etc. to take into account! If you prefer to buy print copies, some of the books do offer that individually. Please visit their websites (linked above) to find out.

Do these books go on my Kindle or other readers?

Yes! You will have to download them on a computer first and transfer them with a flash drive. You should be able to download directly on smart phones and also read them on there.

I already own some of these. What do I do with duplicates?

If you already have some of these books, you are welcome to send the additional copies to friends. Please delete these files from your machine after sending.

Can I share this bundle with a friend?

Yes, but you must have only one copy of each book. That means that if you want one book, she can’t have the same one (unless she purchases her own bundle). If you each only want different books, that’s great, please do share! However, each bundle purchase only comes with one set of bonus offers so you will need to split those as well.

I only want some of these books. Can I pick and choose instead of buying the whole bundle?

Sorry, not really. The bundle is a special, limited-time collection and it comes as a whole. If you only want a few of the books, you can purchase them individually through the authors’ websites, but they will be at full price. If you want more than two or three, you’ll get a better deal to buy the bundle. You can share the books you don’t want with friends.

How do I redeem the bonus offers?

Go to the company’s website to redeem. Simply enter the code you are given (which will show up in the ‘thank you’ letter after you purchase) to get the discount. Let us or the company know if you need help. Be aware that the bonus offers expire on 9/30, so don’t wait too long to redeem them!

Do I have to redeem the bonus offers?

Nope! Totally up to you. You can redeem some, all, or none of them. Just make sure if you do want to use them that you do so by Sept. 30, which is when most of them expire.

I can’t download the books! How do I get them?

Send an email to [email protected] and we’ll help you get the books.

I forgot to download the books/lost them and it’s been several weeks. What now?

We can help you get the books until Nov. 30, 2013. After that, the bundle and all links are expired and we can’t help anymore, sorry. Please try to download, ask for help, and save your books within this time frame.

How should I organize these books?

I like to keep mine in a specific folder on my computer, so they’re all in one place. It might be helpful for you to create your own “cookbooks” folder. Or, whatever you like!

Can I print these books or parts of them?

Yes! For personal use, you may print the books as a whole or just print your favorite recipes. Some people like to keep the printed books in binders so they are in easy reach while cooking. If you print and how you use them is up to you! Please don’t print them in order to share them, though — not as entire books. It’s okay to print one recipe for a friend who’s thinking of purchasing, though!

Why are you offering a bundle? There are so many of them.

True! I’ve promoted lots of bundles in the past year or so (and you’ll see a few other, carefully chosen ones in the future too). When I’ve done that, some of my readers have said — this is too many resources. It’s too expensive. I just want something about real food. I’ve been listening! I created this bundle to answer those concerns. It’s smaller, it’s focused entirely on real food, and it’s a lower price than many bundles, which makes it a bit of a different animal. That’s why I went ahead with it. I hope you can benefit from all these wonderful resources!

Buy yours today!



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