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Resources & Shopping

Thank you for visiting the Resource and Shopping pages. I hope this section makes your informational journey and shopping experience a bit easier as you search for merchants that offer healthy real foods and safer products that someone’s already worked with and checked out. Please share this page with your friends or family who may be interested in having a one stop shopping area by having all the links handy in one place. And please keep this page bookmarked for future reference.

Resource List
This is a compilation of the many shopping sites that you can take advantage of to find real foods, safe products and sites to make your overall shopping experience complete with your everyday personal care products. I rarely need to make to the store other than to get a few more veges. I get the majority of my food and products delivered (w/minimal or no delivery fees). I’m not talking about processed packaged foods… I’m talking fresh organic vegetables and fruits, grass fed beef, raw honey, toilet paper and maybe once a year paper towels and deodorant (yes, once a year… more on that in a future post).

Amazon Store
This is a store I put together with some of the common products or books I have read or that are on my wish list. It ranges from food to book recommendations to kitchen supplies and appliances that I have found to very useful and quality products. Some products are described in more detail on the Resource List page as well.

Informational Sites
This page offers you more sites to visit that are health related. I visit them or have subscribed to many of them myself to see what is happening around us. Some are eye opening and it’s been a journey of discoveries to say the least.


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