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Dishwasher Giving You Cloudy Dishes?
February 24, 2015  —  12:18

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: DIY Projects Laundry | Comments: Off

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I recently moved (yeah!) and started using a dishwasher.  Yes, I been washing the dishes by hand, which has been fine.  But, to my dismay, when starting to use the brand new dishwasher, I kept getting very cloudy glasses, glass bowls and silverware.  I’m sure the dishes were cloudy as well, but just not noticeable.  It was really disappointing! 

My search began, because more…

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December 12, 2013  —  14:32

Author: Joan Weisman | Category: For the Soul Inspiration | Comments: Off

Xenu space plane

Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.
~ Max Planck

Are you happy?

Radio astronomers construct giant receivers to map out matter we cannot directly see or hear. Ninety-six percent of everything in the Universe is dark matter, or outside of our perceivable spectrum. The entire Universe we see, hear and feel is only four percent of everything out there. more…

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Streamlined Holiday Success
December 6, 2013  —  13:11

Author: Erica Duran | Category: For the Mind Organization and Planning | Comments: Off

happy smiling catAre you feeling happy and relaxed this holiday season? I coach people to tackle the holidays like any other project or workflow. The foundation is the same. I work with clients on creating a critical Path Timeline for their business and you can do the same for all the holiday tasks.

You might initially resist the structure at first thinking that it will take the “fun” out of the festivities. more…

{Guest Post} What is Candida? Do I Have It?
October 30, 2013  —  12:11

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Giveaways Health Recipes | Comments: Off

candida symptoms

There may be affiliate links in this post or site. I am grateful for your support. disclosure.

This is a Guest Post from Paula of Whole Intentions. Have you ever wondered if you have candida? Due to health issues not being resolved in her family, Paula found naturopathic medicine and dove into a real food diet, including going gluten free. She, like myself, found that all those steps helped tremendously, but they weren’t the complete answer. Like peeling the onion, there are often layers of healing that need to be addressed. She found that candida was a major issue. And, though her family was now on a healthier eating path with real foods, she needed more…

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5 Tips to Have Healthy Food On Hand
October 29, 2013  —  10:00

Author: Erica Duran | Category: Food Health Shopping | Comments: Off

5All my clients need the healthiest food so that they can keep their energy up as they are growing their businesses and to support their overall lifestyle. I borrow a lot of tricks from my time in culinary school and scale it down for a household.

Here are a few tips that more…

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Eggless Caesar Salad Dressing
October 25, 2013  —  9:15

Author: Kelle | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: Off

eggless caesar salad dressingThis is a great alternative to raw egg Caesar dressing, I was always worried about making the traditional dressing for the kiddo’s because of that reason. They loved Caesar salad, so after a bit of trial and error, this dressing is now a favorite! more…

Beef Stew with Winter Squash – Slow Cooker Recipe
October 14, 2013  —  16:40

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Food Recipes | Comments: Off

beef stew_optA couple of weeks ago I made this super easy recipe on the weekend. On a cold day, it’s even better: the aroma, hmmmmm… and dive into something tasty and warm. I got this started right after breakfast and dropped in the other ingredients while I was making lunch, and voila, it was ready for dinner. more…

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Do You Believe You Can Get Better?
September 27, 2013  —  16:26

Author: Joan Weisman | Category: Health Inspiration | Comments: Off

believe sign

A Positive Outlook

Health problems can be so disheartening. Even minor problems like a sprained joint or a flu can temporarily shake your confidence. Recently, I strained my wrist in yoga. The pain got bad enough that I had to take 10 days off from practice. When I got back, I had lost flexibility in the rest of my body. Even worse, I found myself so afraid of re-injury that I was doing only more…

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Helpful Hints for Gluten-Free Baking
September 24, 2013  —  6:35

Author: Marian Geringer | Category: Food Recipes | Comments: 2

gluten-freeIf you are just learning to bake gluten–free (GF), it will help for you to know some basic pointers. When I first started baking GF, I assumed it would be an easy transition since I have been baking most of my life. Not so, my GF baked goods came out either too moist, too crumbly, burnt and/or the flavors often taste off.  So I set out to find out the secrets to successful GF baking.  more…

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Enter The Healthy Home GIVEAWAY! Over $1000 Value!
September 23, 2013  —  23:00

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Giveaways Health | Comments: Off

Happy family outdoor in summer - collage

A huge Thank You to The Road to 31 for hosting this giveaway and letting us participate. There is no obligation to buy anything, simply enter in the rafflecopter near the bottom of the post and enjoy taking a peek at all the wonderful products that are available to help create a naturally healthy home.

Creating a Healthy Home for Fall

As we enter into the Fall season there are many things that we think of and prepare for.  We love to watch the colors change, break out those comfy sweaters, and enjoy all of the good food that comes with Autumn.  There are so many great and enjoyable things that sometimes we forget about those things that creep up on us as the weather changes and the holiday season arrives. more…

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