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Dishwasher Giving You Cloudy Dishes?
February 24, 2015  —  12:18

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: DIY Projects Laundry | Comments: Off

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I recently moved (yeah!) and started using a dishwasher.  Yes, I been washing the dishes by hand, which has been fine.  But, to my dismay, when starting to use the brand new dishwasher, I kept getting very cloudy glasses, glass bowls and silverware.  I’m sure the dishes were cloudy as well, but just not noticeable.  It was really disappointing! 

My search began, because

I really liked being able to throw everything in there (not literally… I’m super methodical on how I stack and place the dishes in there… maybe a little too much).   I was using Norwex dishwasher detergent (I have a plastic lined dishwasher).  I do sell this detergent because I love the Norwex products, so needless to say, it left me a bit discouraged.  But, on my adventure, I found that the silverware and glasses came out terrible with other detergents I tried as well.  Then, as I unpacked some other boxes (most of which were in storage), I found my magnet ball, which I placed on the top rack (and therefore decreased the amount of detergent) and it definitely helped…. which gave me a clue.  It’s the hard water.  So, then came the white vinegar, which improved it even more.  The items weren’t cloudy anymore. And, actually I was pretty happy with it and felt I had found the solution. 

After a week, I ran out of the white vinegar, so I used the apple cider vinegar that I had in the cupboard.  The next morning, as my SO unloaded the dishwasher for me (I know, I’m so lucky). He noticed how clear everything looked and asked me what I did differently.   I don’t know what the difference is from white vinegar to Apple Cider vinegar in pH or how it affects the hard water, but my silverware now sparkles and the glasses are super clear!  

This is what I’m doing:

1/4 capful of Norwex Norwex dishwasher detergent  (to use only in plastic dishwasher tubs)

Magnet Ball sitting on one of the tines on the top rack

A chug of Apple Cider Vinegar poured in to the inside of the tub (about 1/3 cup)

Now, I love using the dishwasher!  What a difference… you might want to give it a try if you have cloudy dishes.

Here’s to clarity!


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photo credits: Judy

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