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Challenge – Kicking a Bad Habit
April 21, 2013  —  17:54

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: Inspiration Uncategorized | Comments: Off

carmel macchiatoI was in the coffee shop sipping on my Carmel Macchiato, sitting and enjoying the beautiful morning, and wondering -‘why so I do this’? What compels me to buy this drink? I know every one of the ingredients in this drink is not good for me. As I had stood in line earlier, getting ready to order, I had said to myself ‘today I’ll get a tea instead’. So, why do I open my mouth and say “one tall Carmel Macchiato, no foam, with whole milk please”. It’s as if I’ve been programmed. Is it an addiction or simply no will-power? Ugh. I just did it again. But, it tastes great! Do they put something in the drink to get me hooked? Is this just a glimpse of what an addict must go through? What’s worse, and bothers me most, is that I always feel more…

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