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Our Mouths Are Making Us Sick,
Yet There Are Solutions Out There…
January 6, 2013  —  10:51

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How Does Oral Health Create or Undermine Our Wellness?  And, What More Can We Possibly Do Than Brush, Floss and Eat Well?

Get your answers from 21 Experts, from 6 Countries, over 7 Days , FREE, at the HealThy Mouth World Summit online…. All Starting on Jan. 13th

beautiful smile by Sirsnapsalot via flickrI’m really excited about this Summit. Will and Susan Revak, founders of OraWellness have put together this wonderful line-up of speakers. Back in early November I heard about it and called Will to get more details. Shortly thereafter I had to deal with a couple of unwanted dental predicaments. I was enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with relatives, and taking may last few savory, but leisurely, bites, when I crunched on something rather hard. All kinds of thoughts ran through my head in those next few seconds… were there nuts in there (I hope not, cause my daughter is allergic to nuts. I’m sure they wouldn’t have put them in any of the food)? Was it an eggshell… no it was too big? As all these thoughts were running through my mind my tongue rubbed against a tooth that WASN’T ALL THERE. It was HALF GONE! I was expecting to have a sharp pain to emanate from my mouth at any second so I frantically tried to reach my dentist… yah right, on Thanksgiving Day.

It was an old porcelain cap that I had forgotten I had… it looked like my real tooth when it was in my napkin! It fortunately never got to the point of pain and I was able to wait to see my dentist to get it all fixed up. The last of the replacement procedure was done mid December. Shortly thereafter, a few days before Christmas, I noticed a slight case of a chipmunk cheek and felt like I was sucking on the juice of 20 unripe lemons whenever I ate something even the slightest bit savory… hmmm. What timing – another holiday week!

After researching several sources, and talking with the doc as to why the parotid (salivary) gland gets infected I found that it could due to the bacteria in our mouths and from detox of mercury fillings when doing dental work. I knew I didn’t have the mumps! And, interestingly enough, the swelling was on the side that the tooth that was worked on. It just reminded me that our oral health is so important to the rest of our body. My amalgam fillings were taken out years ago, but I’m sure that the removal process was not done “properly”, which is another reason I’m really interested to listen to the online Summit coming up next week.  Did you know that root canals can be pockets for bacteria and can upset our nervous system and ultimately can cause autoimmune reactions?  You can hear more about this and other topics at the Summit, and further information can be read at Weston A. Price.

Are there topics that may be of interest to you?

cavity by CJ Sorg via flickrWe all have mouths AND most of us have something going on with our mouths that we aren’t thrilled about. Whether you are dealing with tooth decay, bleeding gums, or have ‘questionable’ dental restorations like root canals or crowns, we all likely have something going on in our mouths that we would like to see healthier.

This is an opportunity to listen to the solutions from the leading experts from 6 countries around the world in the fields of biological dentistry, nutrition as it relates to oral health, along with medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and acclaimed authors. They even have ‘in the trenches’ moms who have applied these healing ideas in their own homes and we get to hear what worked and what didn’t for them and their children!

Here are just a few of the questions the summit will cover:

  • How to raise cavity free kids
  • What to do about old dental issues like mercury fillings, crowns, root canals, etc
  • What materials are the safest for dental fillings
  • The safest protocol to have mercury fillings removed
  • How to determine if a filling material is biocompatible with your immune system
  • The foods to eat (and not eat) to create optimal oral health
  • The TRUTH about mercury and fluoride
  • How to keep your teeth AND your health for life!
  • What to do about common issues like tooth decay, bleeding gums, bad breath
  • How to safely detox mercury from the body
  • The questions to ask a dentist to discern if they are really suited to help your family
  • and on and on…

root canal from IrisDragon via flickr

So, are you as excited to listen-in as I am to the HealThy Mouth World Summit?


The presenters are fabulous. Here is a list of just a few of them:

  • If you are dealing with tooth decay and how to heal it, plan some time to listen to Ramiel Nagel. His very popular book is Cure Tooth Decay.
  • Dr. David Kennedy – will go over the hype of fluoride and why we should avoid it. I gave up fluoride years ago. I’m sure this presentation will tell you why.
  • Dr. Robert Gammal – creator of the movies “Rooted!” and “Quecksilber – the Strange Story of Dental Amalgam. Dr. Gammal will explain all the problems and issues with regard to amalgam fillings and conventional root canals.
  • Dr. Victor Zeines – author of “A Healthy Mouth Equals a Healthy Body and Your Tongue Never Lies” will discuss the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy mouth in order to create optimal whole body health as well as tongue diagnosis.
  • Dr. Mike Godfrey – sharing the connection between cancer, particularly breast cancer and oral health.
  • Gray Graham – author of “Pottenger’s Prophecy: How Food Resets Genes for Wellness or Illness” will talk about how the diet and lifestyle changes we make today impact not only our health, but that of our grandchildren.
  • Dr. Hal Huggins – author of several books on biological dentistry and the major campaigner against the use of dental amalgam. He’ll discuss the benefits of removing mercury fillings and how the dental profession can be a fundamental component in creating optimal health.

You can look at some of the books further in the Living Healthy ‘n’ Happy Amazon Store

baby teeth by drmama via flickr

How’s the Summit going to be presented?

More information can be found at the link below, but here are the basics:

  • Each day 3 presentations will be given, from Jan. 13th – Jan. 19th.
  • There will be a live Q & A session with the experts after each presentation.
  • Each presentation will remain free online until midnight of that day. You have the option to purchase the entire package it thereafter if you would like.

Ready to Sign up? Here’s the link:  HealThy Mouth World Summit


What do you think?

Please post your comments below.    I want to hear your thoughts on the Post and Summit before, during and after!



photo credits:    beautiful smile by Sirsnapsalot, on Flickr
cavity by CJ Sorg, on flickr
root canal by IrisDragon, on flickr
baby teeth by drmama, on flickr

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  • Carole

    This is really good info and an exciting summit!

    January 13, 2013 — 14:28