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Recipe Party
March 26, 2013  —  0:08

Author: Judy@LHNH | Category: | Comments: 0


A Real Food Recipe Party

Do you have a favorite (or two or three) real food recipes that you would like to share?  Let’s all enjoy each others’ nourishing, flavorful, healthy food recipes.   The Recipe Pages on are empty!   Everyone is welcome to join in… please pass this on to other Real Foodies that you know.



  1. It can be an old or new recipe, though, it should be your (or your family) recipe (i.e. the pictures and recipes are your own to share and not that of someone else or from a book unless you have permission to do so)
  2. It can be for vegetarians, vegans, meat lovers, raw, GAPS specific, traditional, ethnic, Primal, Paleo – whatever you prefer.
  3. It can be an allergy free recipe if you would like (grain free, gluten free, egg free, dairy free), though not necessary.
  4. It can be a recipe for appetizers, snacks, main dishes, desserts… it can even be your favorite smoothie recipe.
  5. Please do not use any packaged or canned foods (i.e. no cans of mushroom soup) and no highly processed or refined foods (no white sugar, white flour, artificial food dyes, margarine).  Let’s use REAL FOODS, you know, whole foods.
  6. There will be no monetary compensation for submitting, though it will be FREE for you to view all the recipe submissions from one another.
  7. You can SUBSCRIBE to get the free Periodic Blog Updates emailed to you or follow LivingHealthynHappy on Facebook and LIKE it.


So, here we go, this is how simple it is to submit your Recipe:

  1. Put your name on the recipe, or if it’s old family recipe, say from grandma, put “Grandma Rose or however you would like it shown.
  2. These are the basics that are needed in the recipe:
    • Title of recipe
    • Who the recipe was created by – your name or family name, or Anonymous if you prefer not to have your name published.
    • List of Ingredients
    • Instructions (and if cooked/baked – temperature & cooking time)
  3. Though not required, if you’d like to add some (of your own) photos attached in the email that would great (it doesn’t need to be imbedded in the recipe page).
  4. Send the recipe and photos to my email at [email protected]


Together We Can Expand Our Healthy Eating Experiences and Enjoy What Each Other has to Offer!


What Will Happen Once I Get Your Recipe:

  1. Your name will be kept on the recipe, unless you ask me to write “anonymous”.
  2. I may reformat your recipe so that all recipes are formatted in a similar manner.
  3. I may use your recipe and photo in a post or video and/or may add additional pictures or comments to it and/or suggest a source to be able to purchase for a particular ingredient for others to find.
  4. I plan to share these pictures and recipes on the Recipe pages for everyone to use.
  5. I may also post them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other social media outlets that are related to the website.

Thanks for sharing!

Wishing You Health and Happiness,






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